Episode 1 U.C.0068
Earth Federarion Forces:
RTX-65 Guntank Early Type
Overall height: 13.1m / Overall width: 12.1m

A large fighting vehicle officially adopted by the Earth Federation Forces in U.C. 0065. Equipped with two large-caliber cannons for bombardment, it also has quadruple autocannons in its manipulators, which are capable of both anti-ground and anti-air combat. This machine was born from concepts far beyond those of traditional tanks. Thanks to this breakthrough in large tank design, it has established an overwhelming presence ever since its deployment in the colonies began. It is used to maintain public order.

Autonomous Republic of Munzo Defense Force:
Earth Federation-made

Security Enforcement Armored Bus
Overall length: 5.9m / Overall height: 2.5m / Overall width 2.4m
A security enforcement vehicle loaned from the Earth Federation Forces to Side 3’s Munzo Defense Force. As well as transporting Defense Force members for riot control, it can also use its large size to function as a barricade. Its armor is capable of withstanding mob attacks, and there are hatches in the upper front and rear of the vehicle where personnel can lean out. It is also equipped with a machine gun for offensive use. The Munzo Defense Force has another variation type equipped with a remote-controlled water-spraying system, designed to suppress demonstrations and rioting civilians.

Earth Federarion Forces:
(Main Battle Tank) Model 2

Overall length: 11.6m / Overall height / 3.6m / Overall width: 4.5m
A main battle tank used by the Earth Federation Forces since U.C. 0061. This highly reliable vehicle will remain in service for more than a decade afterwards, undergoing many improvements and producing many variations. Thanks to its satellite link system, it can share data with other vehicles during combat. The Model A2 is an early version deployed in the Autonomous Republic of Munzo alongside the Guntank for security enforcement purposes.

Autonomous Republic of Munzo Defense Force:
M62 Four-Wheeled
Armored Vehicle

Overall length: 4.9m / Overall height: 2.1m, 2.6m (at M60), 3.9m (including antenna) / Overall width: 3m
An armored vehicle officially adopted by the Earth Federation Forces in U.C. 0062. Its body is protected by highly bulletproof armor, and it can swiftly move troops and transport them to the battlefront. A heavy machine gun is mounted on top, making it capable of a moderate level of self-defense. Although it is an Earth Federation Forces vehicle, it is also loaned to the Autonomous Republic of Munzo’s Defense Force. The Earth Federation Forces type is painted grey, while the Munzo Defense Force type is painted green.

Civilian Transport Ship:
Ocean Cargo
Overall length: 193.0m / Overall height: 64.5m / Overall width: 64.5m
A small space freighter belonging to a civilian transport company, which travels between Side 3 and Earth. Because it's not for military use, it carries no armor or weapons, and the company name "Ocean Cargo" is painted on its hull. Disguising themselves as cargo, Casval, Artesia, and Jimba Ral use this ship to flee to Earth in order to escape the Zabi family.