Episode 1 U.C.0079

Principality of Zeon Forces:
MS-06S Char’s Zaku II
Overall height: 17.5m / Overall width: 9.2m
Pilot: Char Aznable

An improved version of the MS-06F Zaku II, piloted by Char Aznable during the Battle of Loum. The machine is painted in Char’s red personal colors, and as a commander’s unit, it has a horn-like decoration on its head. Despite the high risk, Char personally ordered the removal of its limiters, allowing it to use its thrusters to the maximum limit. Due to the hit-and-run tactics enabled by the resulting high thrust, and the impression its distinctive colors make on the battlefield, it will become known as the “Red Comet”.

Principality of Zeon Forces:
MS-06R-1A Zaku II
High Mobility Type

Overall height: 17.5m / Overall width: 9.5m
Pilots: Gaia, Mash, Ortega

An improved version of the MS-06, piloted by the "Black Tri-Stars" team of Gaia, Ortega, and Mash during the Battle of Loum. Thanks to its readjustments and the large thrusters installed in its backpack and legs, it boasts high thrust and mobility. Its body is painted in the trio's personal black and purple colors. These three machines team up to perform coordinated attacks against the Earth Federation fleet, producing excellent combat results.

Principality of Zeon Forces:
MS-05 Zaku I
Overall height: 17.4m / Overall width: 8.2m
Pilots: Denim, Slender, etc

The first mobile suit ever mass-produced by the Principality of Zeon forces. Equipped with a compact fusion reactor derived from the theories of Dr. Minovsky, this machine was based on the completed humanoid mobile weapon MS-04, and redesigned with an emphasis on ease of production and maintenance. The production of the MS-05 Zaku I further increased the importance of weapons systems and strategies based on the mobile suit. Although it was produced for use in Zeon's war of independence, it subsequently lost its position as a main machine due to the adoption of the even more complete MS-06 Zaku II. During the war of independence, it first enters combat in the Battle of Loum, operating alongside the main mobile suit MS-06.

Principality of Zeon Forces:
High-Speed Heavy Cruiser

Overall length: 319.9m / Overall height: 92.00m (96.1m including rear wings) / Overall width: 116.7m
A vessel of the Principality of Zeon's space fleet, used to carry commander-class officers. This warship is capable of high-speed movement thanks to its large engines. Equipped with large triple mega particle cannons in its bow and stern, and twin mega particle cannons on each side, it also surpasses the Musai-class light cruiser in both offensive and defensive strength. The Red Viscount used by Rear Admiral Conscon, which is painted red, participates in the Battle of Loum. Kycilia Zabi's Purple Widow also uses the same hull design, with some differences in equipment.

Principality of Zeon Forces:
Musai-Class Light Cruiser
Early Production Type "Iwo Jima"

Overall length: 230.1m / Overall height: 95.6m / Overall width: 137.1m
The mass-produced light cruiser that serves as the main force of the Principality of Zeon’s space fleet. It was secretly developed as the Arcana-class civilian transport ship, which was designed for military use with a war of independence in mind. With the outbreak of war, it was deployed on the frontlines in this remodeled form. Its distinctive shape has a separated hull, engines, and bridge, and it is designed with the ability to support six of the new mobile weapon known as the mobile suit (four in the main hangar, and two in the Komusai hangar). The Battle of Loum is its first full-scale frontline deployment. The Musai is equipped with three twin mega particle cannons as its main guns, as well as machine guns for dealing with attacks from the rear. The small Komusai craft housed in its bow is capable of atmospheric entry.

Principality of Zeon Forces:
Dozle's Custom Musai-Class
Fleet Command Ship "Valkyrie"

Overall length: 302.3m / Overall height: 156.7m / Overall width: 299.7m
The personal ship of the Principality of Zeon's space fleet commander, Dozle Zabi, which serves as the core of his fleet during the Battle of Loum. Although its appearance resembles that of the standard Musai-class light cruiser, it was specially designed as a fleet flagship, and could thus be called a modified Musai type. Its size is roughly 30 percent larger than that of a Musai-class light cruiser, and rivals that of a battleship-class vessel. Its twin mega particle cannons are also enlarged for greater offensive strength. Its communications functions are enhanced as well, and it has high control capabilities for fleet command.

Earth Federarion Forces:
Space Cruiser

Overall length: 268.7m / Overall height: 80.1m / Overall width: 79.6m
This space cruiser was deployed by the Earth Federation Space Force in the U.C. 0060s, and serves as the main force of its space fleet. Single mega particle cannons are mounted on its bow and stern, and its anti-air machine guns and missile pods give it ample defensive armament. By linking these to its radar systems, it can make very precise attacks, giving it high firepower and defensive strength. However, when Minovsky particles are used in combat, their effects dramatically reduce its defense functions, and during the Battle of Loum it finds itself in the unexpected situation of facing the new mobile weapons known as mobile suits.

Earth Federarion Forces:
Space Battleship

Overall length: 346.6m / Overall height: 128.6m / Overall width: 121.6m
The main space battleship of the Earth Federation space fleet, which is deployed in the Battle of Loum. It boasts great firepower, starting with the two large twin mega particle cannons which serve as its main guns, as well as six secondary twin mega particle cannons and many close defense machine guns with high protective capabilities. Compared to the vessels of the Principality of Zeon forces, it has overwhelming offensive and defensive strength. However, the dispersal of Minovsky particles nullifies its electronically controlled defense functions, and it suffers crushing defeat against the Principality of Zeon's mobile suit-based tactics.

Earth Federarion Forces:
Tactical Command Ship "Ananke"

Overall length: 346.6m / Overall height: 128.6m / Overall width: 121.6m
A modified version of the Magellan class with flagship functions, used by the Earth Federation space fleet to carry high-ranking commanders. During the Battle of Loum, the Ananke that carries General Revil serves as the flagship commanding an Earth Federation space fleet. Its basic performance is unchanged from that of a normal Magellan-class space battleship, but it has an extra secondary turret behind its main gun instead of a VLS. Its hull is also distinctively painted to distinguish it from other Magellan-class ships.

Earth Federarion Forces:
Lepanto-Class Missile Frigate

Overall length: 180m / Overall height: 68.39m / Overall width: 77.08m
A small escort ship deployed by the Earth Federation space fleet. Smaller than the Salamis-class cruiser, it is equipped with only a single mega particle cannon, but has a large number of missile launchers mounted all over its hull. With forward missile launchers, a VLS (Vertical Launch System) on top of the hull, and missile pods and missile launchers on its sides, it can fight using a wide range of physical projectiles.

Earth Federarion Forces:
FF-3F Space Fighter Saberfish

Overall length: 19.9m / Overall width: 17.7m / Overall height: 6.9m (landing gear retracted), 7.1m (landing gear extended)
A space fighter deployed by the Earth Federation Space Force for combat in outer space. By changing its equipment, it can fly at high altitudes in the atmosphere, and in space it uses rocket boosters for nimble maneuvering, serving as an air-to-air fighter and providing anti-air protection for spaceships. In addition to the machine guns in its nose, its main armament includes detachable container-type missile launchers mounted at four points on the top and bottom of the fuselage, and it specializes in attacking by firing large numbers of missiles.

Earth Federarion Forces:
Space Transport Ship

Overall length: 230.1m / Overall width: 137.1m / Overall height: 95.6m
The Columbus class is a space transport ship used by the Earth Federation Forces to deliver materials to space warships and other vessels. The large cargo spaces on each side of its hull can be used to transport supplies such as food and warship ammunition, as well as repair parts. Later, when the Principality of Zeon forces launch their war of independence, the Columbus class is upgraded so that it can support space fighters. It participates in the Battle of Loum with hasty modifications such as catapults installed in its cargo spaces, enabling it to carry and operate space fighters. On the battlefield, it functions as a crude escort carrier, accompanying Magellan- and Salamis-class warships and serving as a mothership for Saberfish space fighters.