Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅲ Part 3
The Dawn Rebellion

U.C. 0077...
A major incident breaks out thanks to students at the military academy in Side 3, the Autonomous Republic of Zeon. An Earth Federation Forces regiment stationed at the Guardian Banchi is disarmed by a surprise attack during this student uprising. The public security operation that was scheduled to take place at Zum City the following morning is preemptively thwarted, and this turn of events is greeted with wild delight by the citizens of the Republic.

Garma Zabi becomes famous as the commander who accomplished this heroic deed. The youngest son of the Zabi family, and the favorite of the Republic's chairman Degwin Sodo Zabi, he is a third-year student at the Autonomous Republic of Zeon's Space Defense Military Academy.

But there are rumors that the actual facts have been somewhat distorted, whether intentionally or accidentally. Though it was Garma who acted as commander and gave directions to the students, there was someone else who actually urged him on.

Char Aznable. A young man from Loum, and a third-year military academy cadet like Garma. An excellent student with A-class grades in every subject, he surpasses all the rest in his abilities. Some say that Char planned the operation to capture the Federation Forces barracks.

The target of the operation is a Federation Forces regiment stationed at Side 3's Guardian Banchi. Their barracks are located next door to the military academy, with a training area in between. These barracks, whose guard is down because they never anticipated being attacked, normally house a full regiment. But one battalion has already been dispatched to Zum City for a public security operation, leaving two battalions numbering roughly 2,000 soldiers. The third-year students who rise up alongside Char and Garma amount to only 200 people, requiring the students to overcome an enemy that outnumbers them ten-to-one.

The surprise attack that takes place in the middle of the night is carried out based on a map of the garrison base that Char has previously obtained through illicit means. Char designates the central control tower that serves as regimental headquarters as attack target A, the two blocks of the barracks as B and C, and the armory and heavy machinery hangar located opposite the administrative building as group D. At the same time, they need to seize control of the docking bay to prevent interference from outside. This will require them to divide up their forces, while also detaining academy superintendent Dozle Zabi so that he cannot order the students to stand down.

Third-year student Zenna Mia is entrusted with the task of keeping Dozle under guard. An excellent student who was ranked eighth in her graduating class, her selection is also planned by Char ahead of time.

Char's team, equipped with landmovers, is dispatched as an advance force. Invading the barracks from the air, this small force will go ahead to infiltrate the Federation Forces garrison base and throw the enemy ranks into confusion. Other landmover teams are organized in addition to Char's team, wearing landmovers on their backs and carrying bazookas and automatic rifle storage cases.

After this, self-propelled heavy mortars and eight-wheeled armored vehicles move out under Garma's command. Dozle witnesses their departure just after Zenna comes to see him. As Garma's team arrives at the firing point, Char orders the start of the attack. As in the mock battle they previously performed, the mortars under Garma's command bombard attack targets A, B, and C, carefully adjusting the point of impact and then firing for effect. The forces deployed on the left flank seize control of group D and set the armory ablaze. Then, as infantry begin deploying from the eight-wheeled armored vehicles, the control tower designated as A is also hit by artillery. At this point Garma orders Char to storm the control tower.

Meanwhile, in the Federation Forces' central building, the regimental commander orders the deployment of Type 61 tanks as a counteroffensive. Char dispatches Lino Fernandez to commandeer a tank, while he breaks into the control tower alone and reaches the operations control room. Finally, Char confirms the identity of the Federation Forces regimental commander, and demands the disarmament of his forces.

This student uprising, which ends as daybreak, will later be known as the "Dawn Rebellion." It is commanded by Garma Zabi. However, many of the cadets who participate in it witness Char's accomplishments, and quietly take note of his deeds.