Introduction to the Universal Century V Part 1
Operation British (1)

U.C. 0079...
The war of independence declared against the Earth Federation by Side 3, the Principality of Zeon, had been proceeding to the advantage of the Zeon forces.
At the beginning of hostilities, Commander Ramba Ral led a force of the new mobile weapons known as mobile suits in an attack on Side 2, or Hatte. Aside from the capital banchi, almost all its colonies were captured or destroyed.
Because it had been on the Earth Federation's side since before the outbreak of war, in clear opposition to the Principality of Zeon, Hatte was targeted for attack at roughly the same time as the strategic lunar cities of Granada and Von Braun.
An operation using the undamaged capital banchi had been devised by Supreme Commander Gihren Zabi, and was carried out under the supervision of Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi. Its name was "Operation British." This would later be known as the colony drop.
External engines were to be attached to the outer wall of the space colony as boosters, pushing it out of the orbit that had kept it at its Lagrange point, and sending it towards low Earth orbit. From here it was meant to fall onto Jaburo, the Earth Federation Forces general headquarters, which was protected by 1000 meters of bedrock in the Guiana Highlands.
The catastrophe produced by this unprecedented operation would ultimately lead to the deaths of half of Earth's population.

Initially, the operation was assigned to Commander Ramba Ral, who had fought to subdue Hatte. Vice Admiral Dozle relayed the order to him in person, but Commander Ral refused to carry it out, and was punished for his insubordination with a demotion.
Though he was stained with the blood of hundreds of millions of Hatte citizens, the veteran warrior couldn’t perform an operation to drop a colony on Earth, feeling it was worse than barbaric.
But the operation could not be stopped. A replacement commander was appointed, and Operation British was carried out.
As they attached the external engines, engineering teams also applied heat-resistant coating to the colony's windows, using countless mobile workers.
Mobile suits were deployed to intercept and eliminate resistance from the remnants of the Hatte Defense Force. The Y-02 Development and Training Team also participated in this fighting.
Meanwhile, GG gas infusion vessels were used to pump GG gas into Island Iffish and wipe out its inhabitants. This chemical weapon was used against Hatte's capital banchi as a preparation for the colony drop.
Chemical and biological weapons, as well as nuclear ones, would later be prohibited by the ratification of the "Antarctic Treaty" between Zeon and the Federation, which Lieutenant General M'Quve signed as Zeon's plenipotentiary representative.

The fact that the citizens of the capital banchi, who were trapped inside the colony that was used in Operation British, had been massacred with poison gas was not disclosed for some time. This was covered up by the Principality of Zeon.
In later years, the testimony of several soldiers who had participated in this operation revealed the truth, but this only happened after the end of the One Year War.
These innocent citizens went to their deaths without ever knowing why they had to die.

Island Iffish.
This was the name of Hatte's capital banchi, which left Lagrange point 4 to become a gravestone made of stardust and buried in the darkness of history.