Episode 2 Earth/Texas Colony

Édouard Mass
His real name is Casval, the son of Side 3's former leader, Zeon Zum Deikun. After escaping to Earth, he was adopted by Teabolo Mass and grew into a strong young man, watching over his sister Artesia (now Sayla). He will later conceal his identity and become Char Aznable, the Red Comet, an ace pilot of the Principality of Zeon forces.

Sayla Mass
Her real name is Artesia, the daughter of Side 3's former leader, Zeon Zum Deikun. After escaping to Earth with her brother Casval and her pet cat Lucifer, she was adopted by Teabolo Mass. Leading a quiet life, she is growing into a kind-hearted girl who wishes that nobody would ever have to shed tears of sorrow.

Teabolo Mass
An old acquaintance of Jimba Ral, who has now fled to Earth. Teabolo has adopted Casval and Artesia, entering them in his family registry, and loves them like his own kin. After the attack on his residence, he decides to emigrate to Loum in order to demonstrate his submission to the Zabi family.

Jimba Ral
Ramba's father. After losing his political struggle with the Zabi family, he fled to Earth along with Deikun's two children. He has found refuge with Teabolo Mass, but when he contacts Executive Vice President Chelsea of Anaheim Electronics to plot a counteroffensive against the Zabi family, he brings disaster upon himself.

Shu Yashima
The CEO of the Yashima Company, and Mirai's father. He pays a visit to his old friend Teabolo in response to the attack by the Zabi family's assassins. Recommending that Teabolo make a show of submission to the Zabis in order to avert calamity, he proposes relocating to Loum's Texas Colony.

Mirai Yashima
Shu Yashima's daughter. She is a talented young woman who is skipping grades in order to start college early, and her dream is to become an astronaut. Mirai accompanies her father to Andalusia to visit Teabolo, and here she catches a glimpse of Teabolo's adopted children.

Tem Ray
Amuro's father is a superb engineer who will later participate in the Earth Federation Forces' mobile weapon development. He is also a disciple of Torenov Y. Minovsky, the discoverer of the Minovsky particle.

Amuro Ray
The son of the engineer Tem Ray. He has just been given a Haro mascot robot, but causes a disturbance when he opens the box at the spaceport, thus drawing Sayla's attention. He later becomes the Gundam's pilot.


Char Aznable
A young man who meets Édouard (Casval) and Sayla (Artesia) at Texas Colony, one of the space colonies of Side 5. He and Édouard are the same age and identical in appearance, but have different eye colors. His specialty is horse riding, and he is the son of Roger, the chief manager of Texas Village. Due to his carefree upbringing and optimistic nature, he sometimes clashes with his sober and serious father. He will later enroll in the Autonomous Republic of Zeon's military academy.

Roger & Michelle

Char's parents, who live at Texas Colony in Side 5, or Loum. Roger serves as chief manager of Texas Village, and he and Michelle also run a family restaurant in Center Village.