Episode 2 Club Eden

Ramba Ral
The son of Jimba Ral, a political enemy of the Zabi family. After carrying out a scheme to send his father and Deikun's children to Earth, he took responsibility for their escape and retired from the military. However, at Dozle Zabi's request, he rejoins the Republic of Zeon Space Defense Force with the rank of captain, and helps with the development of the revolutionary weapon known as the mobile worker which Dozle is pushing for. Ramba is a righteous man with a chivalrous heart, but he's a heavy drinker, and it also appears that he sometimes gets scratched up by girls.

Crowley Hamon
A singer at Club Eden, and Ramba Ral's lover. She has a tomboyish personality and is remarkably dynamic. As an old friend of Zeon Deikun's mistress Astraia, she assisted Astraia's children (Casval and Artesia) in their escape to Earth. She is very concerned about the imprisoned Astraia, who has become gravely ill.

Tachi O’Hara
A second lieutenant in the Autonomous Republic of Zeon's Space Defense Force. He is in love with Hamon, the star singer at Club Eden, and volunteers as a bouncer at the club. However, when Federation Forces soldiers cause trouble, Hamon's lover Ramba goes on a rampage and Tachi unfortunately doesn't get to do anything.

A bartender at Club Eden. He previously served under Ramba in the Autonomous Republic of Munzo's defense force. When Ramba gets into a brawl with Federation Forces soldiers, Clamp quickly wraps him in bandages, like a good supporting teammate.