Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅰ Part 4
People of the Deikun Family

The Autonomous Republic of Munzo.
This is the name of the nation that controls the space colony cluster known as Side 3. Although the Earth Federation government rules the entire Earth Sphere comprised of Earth, Moon, and space colonies, Side 3's Autonomous Republic of Munzo has been able to secure a limited degree of self-government within this. However, this process was not a straightforward one.

Several decades had passed since the start of space emigration, and it was no easy task for diverse ethnic groups to overcome differences in language and culture, and establish lives in the new frontier of the space colonies.
Moreover, the disparities that arose between the space colonies and those who remained on Earth gradually came to be recognized as a problem.

The Earth received priority in the importation of food and other materials produced in the space colonies, which was perceived by the latter as a form of exploitation. Furthermore, Earth Federation Forces were stationed in each colony in the name of maintaining public order, and the colonies were responsible for part of their expenses.

Just as the people who had emigrated to space dreaming of a rosy future were tiring of this way of life, and starting to hope for a new era, a leader named Zeon Zum Deikun appeared in Munzo.

Deikun held that “the people who have advanced into outer space will acquire attributes adapted to their new environment, and be reformed into a new humanity”.
In more concrete terms, he believed that “the Spacenoids living in outer space will eventually surpass the Earthnoids who remained on Earth.” He called the Spacenoids who would form the new humanity "Newtypes," while the Earthnoids were "Oldtypes," and claimed rights for them on the basis of this superiority.
This new ideology gave courage to those who were enduring hardship in space, and to citizens who were dissatisfied with the Earth Federation government. At the same time, it also became a basis for cultivating radical anti-Federation sentiments.

In their early to middle stages, Deikun's activities were supported by his legal wife Roselucia, who served as his aide.
This powerful woman, who supported Deikun both materially and spiritually during his early days, admired his ideology and worked vigorously to propagate it. Bragging that she understood the essence of his ideology better than anyone, she constantly claimed that most of Deikun’s ideas were formed in the "Tower of Quiet Contemplation", which was built in the middle of a lake.
However, after a sudden illness made it difficult for her to continue her activities, Roselucia gradually disappeared from the stage.

Starting with the middle stages of his activities, Deikun came to be seen as an antisocial activist spreading an anti-Federation ideology, and he was frequently the target of crackdowns by the Federation government.
It is said that around this time, Deikun met Astraia, a singer at Club Eden.
Caught between his lofty ideals and paltry reality, Deikun would sometimes seek solace in drink. One might say he was looking for relief in a place beyond the gaze of Roselucia, whose radical demagoguery could feel overwhelming.

Astraia’s singing voice healed Deikun’s exhausted body and spirit. It's said that Astraia probably had little understanding of Deikun’s ideology, or perhaps avoided it, but nonetheless Deikun sought peace in her unselfish love.
He and Astraia eventually had one boy and one girl together. Their children were Casval, who would later become known as Char the Red Comet, and his sister Artesia.

Deikun prioritized his life with Astraia and their two children by living with them in the chairman’s official residence. This was a misappropriation, a mingling of private and public affairs using his political authority as a pretext. No matter how vexing this was for his legal wife Roselucia, Astraia's position was defended by Deikun’s patrons, since she had given him heirs.

Over time, a variety of people gradually gathered around Deikun. They included wealthy individuals who provided financial support, activists who helped with social agitation, politicians, and the media.
Eventually Deikun managed to bring the Zabi family onto his side, along with lobbyists, financiers, and politicians from the Earth side who shared economic interests with the space colonies. They carried out a series of maneuvers to achieve their demands.
Where autonomy was concerned, although the process was not straightforward, Deikun was able to establish a limited degree of self-government and take office as chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo's national Diet.

As of U.C.0068...
On the public stage, Deikun, Astraia, Casval, and Artesia play the official role of First Family. However, Roselucia is still Deikun's legal wife, and it is said that her position is not to be taken lightly.