Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅰ Part 5
People of the Zabi Family

As of U.C. 0068...
Degwin Sodo Zabi will later become sovereign of the Principality of Zeon, and decide to launch a war of independence against the Earth Federation that will become the first space war in human history. At this point, however, Degwin is serving as vice chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo.

As chairman of the Diet of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, Zeon Zum Deikun greatly fueled Munzo's national sentiments by propagating anti-Earthnoid arguments, based on an ideology of Spacenoid supremacy and anti-Federation policies.
The help of a capable cooperator was essential, however, in order to carry out political maneuvers to support this ideology and secretly build up a military under Federation rule. The Zabi faction, led by Degwin, took on this responsibility.

In the early stages of Deikun’s anti-Federation activities, the largest role was played by the forceful voice and political power of his legal wife Roselucia.
But after Roselucia withdrew from public life due to her illness, Munzo's political sphere became the arena for a fierce struggle between two groups.
These were the Zabi faction which assisted Deikun's Zeon Party, and the Ral faction started by Jimba Ral, which belonged to the same Zeon Party but opposed the Zabi family.

Degwin’s children displayed great ability within the Zeon Party. His oldest son Gihren Zabi, a man with a taste for Japanism, served as aide to his father Degwin and exercised his cunning as director of the Zeon Party's political department. While maintaining Deikun as their public face, Gihren steadily maneuvered to place his father Degwin, the vice chairman, at the center of political power. When the Autonomous Republic of Munzo later becomes the Autonomous Republic of Zeon, Gihren will serve as director of both the political and national campaign departments. And when it eventually becomes the Principality of Zeon, Gihren will rise to the position of supreme commander.

Degwin’s second son Sasro Zabi served as director of the Zeon Party’s national campaign department. The focus of this campaign was manipulating information to instill a strong hatred for the Federation in the citizens of Munzo. Presenting the oppressive rule of the Federation as cruel and unjust, he made maximum use of the media to spread exaggerated accounts of the arrogant behavior of the garrisoned Federation forces. This agitation resulted in conspiracy theories blaming the Federation for Deikun’s death, and successfully converted national sentiments of grief into demands to expel the Federation.
Sasro was a man with no mercy for his political rivals, and his severe disposition was even turned on his family, as when he struck Kycilia as punishment for her arbitrary actions. Sasro eventually died in a terrorist bombing during Deikun’s funeral procession, but there are also conspiracy theorists who blame this on Kycilia.

Degwin’s third son Dozle Zabi, on the other hand, was a naturally brave and honest man who put those traits to use by joining the Munzo Defense Force.
Taking on responsibility for the national defense, he gained popularity as he carried out his duties.
While the despotism of the Zabi family would in later days become the subject of jealousy and ridicule, Dozle’s fair and simple character served to give a favorable impression of the Zabi family. In fact, he was extremely popular among the Munzo-born soldiers under his command. He also invested his efforts in cultivating the next generation, by serving as principal of the Autonomous Republic of Zeon’s Space Defense Military Academy. Later, he will lead the Principality of Zeon's Space Strike Fleet, commanding the flagship of its space fleet.

Degwin's fourth child and oldest daughter, Kycilia Zabi, took on the role of Munzo State Security Police commander and steadily developed her abilities.
Quick-witted by nature, she was entrusted with tasks such as maintaining public security, and protecting Degwin and other government dignitaries.
However, carrying out such duties required enough ability and information warfare capability to identify, neutralize, eliminate, and destroy forces opposed to the government of Munzo. Kycilia will later concentrate her efforts on forming her own secret police-like organization known as the Kycilia Secret Agency.

Degwin's youngest child and fourth son Garma Zabi was only 11 years of age at this point. Partly because he was a child Degwin had in his old age, Garma received much affection from him, but also grew up with a kind of over-eagerness commonly felt by spoiled youngest children. Having very capable older siblings, he felt a constant pressure to become like them. His family expected achievements from him beyond his capabilities, as did he himself. It could be said that this situation is the reason for the tragedy which will befall Garma in later years.

Even from childhood, however, Garma’s honest character and pretty appearance made him very popular among Munzo's citizens, and his charm did a great deal to reduce animosity toward the Zabi family. In later years, Gihren will exploit his popularity very thoroughly.

Degwin’s third son Sasro is killed in a terrorist bombing during Deikun's funeral procession.

This incident, however, gives the Zabi family the opportunity to successfully drive the opposing Jimba Ral and his Ral family from the stage. The people of Munzo believe the rumors that Sasro was assassinated by the Ral family, and Jimba loses his position.
After this, the Zabi family attains complete control of Munzo. Their consolidated political strength changes Munzo's national character, and the destiny of its people is altered after Deikun's death. The Autonomous Republic of Munzo will become first the Autonomous Republic of Zeon, and then the Principality of Zeon.
At these moments of decision, the people of Munzo may have the illusion that they are choosing their own path, but in fact they are doing so at the instigation of the Zabi family.