Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅱ Part 2
People of Teabolo's Family

U.C. 0071...
More than three years have passed since the death of Zeon Zum Deikun, and it is now summer. Casval Rem Deikun and his sister Artesia Som Deikun have escaped the evil influence of the Zabi family. Migrating to Earth along with Jimba Ral, the head of the Ral family, they have found a new life. Their protector is Jimba's old friend Teabolo Mass, also known as Don Teabolo.

Teabolo was a wealthy man who withdrew from the business world and relocated to Southern Europe. He originally had no intention of becoming involved in the political troubles of the space colonies, until Casval and Artesia were entered in the Mass family register to avert the attention of the Zabis.

Now renamed Édouard and Sayla Mass, the siblings enjoy a brief period of peace. Sayla becomes a compassionate girl who volunteers to help with medical care at a refugee camp. Édouard, though tired of the anti-Zabi opinions that Jimba preaches, has resigned himself to a boring life in the name of protecting Sayla.

However, they suddenly face a crisis.

Jimba contacts Executive Vice President Chelsea of Anaheim Electronics and secretly plots an armed counteroffensive against the Zabi family. The Zabis' observers then take harsh measures to eliminate their opponent. As a result, Teabolo's family loses its peaceful place of refuge on Earth.

At this point, every region of Earth is overflowing with refugees. There is a steady influx to Southern Europe and other regions where the economy is even slightly better. This turmoil has started to have a major negative impact on the entire planet's economy. It began with the exhaustion of underground resources that had been squandered for many years, leading to an energy shortage. Large-scale emission of greenhouse gases wreaked destruction on the planet's environment and accelerated its desertification. The lack of water resources and agricultural land fundamentally disrupted the balance of food supply and demand, and local quarrels escalated into bloody conflicts. Desperate for sustenance, people were unwillingly forced to become nomads and refugees.

One aspect of the space colonization project was that it was meant to provide a destination for these refugees. However, the economic stagnation of the Earth Sphere had an impact on that huge enterprise as well. By the beginning of the U.C. 0070s, the golden age of the colony construction project has passed. The people who have not emigrated to space are forced to endure increasing poverty and worsening living conditions, and their plight grows ever worse.

The Earth Federation government, via the EFHCR (Earth Federation High Commissioner for Refugees), is conducting relief work for the refugees in every area. However, this aid is clearly just a drop in the bucket. There were those who had argued for the necessity of greening the deserts, rather than the space colony project, but it is already too late for such debates.

The only fundamental solution now is a drastic population reduction. But the chance for this will soon come, as the worst-case scenario arrives, and a series of calamities rain down upon all the people living on Earth... because of the colony drop on Earth that will take place at the end of the U.C. 0070s.

For better or for worse, however, the people of Teabolo's family will not experience these calamities on Earth. Because of the tragedy caused by Jimba's communication with Anaheim, Teabolo and his family emigrate from Southern Europe to another world. Their destination is Texas Colony, one of the space colonies of Side 5, or Loum.