Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅱ Part 3
People of the Yashima Family

The space colony construction that took place in the Universal Century was a great undertaking that required the full efforts of government and citizens alike. Several colony clusters known as Sides were constructed at the various Lagrange points, but there were a number of conglomerates which were actually responsible for the design work and for supplying raw materials and personnel.

During the construction of the colonies, these conglomerates also formed close connections with the Earth Federation government, particularly with the Earth Federation Forces. In response to Federation Forces orders, these companies exerted themselves to develop and produce various items of equipment that were required for maintaining order in the colonies. Naturally, these companies accumulated enormous profits and valuable knowledge in return for their efforts. One might say that the Universal Century began with half a century of favorable economic winds.

Among these conglomerates was the Yashima Group headed by Shu Yashima. The Yashima Group had demonstrated superb ability in space colony construction, and in the development of weapons and other equipment for the Federation Forces. Shu Yashima, who stood at the conglomerate's top as the Universal Century passed the half-century mark, had cooperated closely with the Federation Forces leadership and formed deep connections with it. Admiral Gopp, who would later take charge after General Revil's death and supervise the ceasefire pact between the Earth Federation Forces and the Principality of Zeon that ended the One Year War, was also one of Shu's old friends.

Thanks to his steadfast personality, Shu also formed connections to many businesspeople and politicians, and by participating in colony development as CEO of the Yashima Company he also ended up in possession of his own space colonies. One of these colonies was the Texas Colony, located at Side 5, or Loum.

When Jimba Ral, once a key figure in Side 3's Autonomous Republic of Munzo, lost his standing and fled to Earth, he took refuge with the businessman Teabolo Mass. Teabolo was another old acquaintance of Shu Yashima.

Summer, U.C. 0071...
Teabolo's home in Andalusia, Spain, comes under attack. Hearing of this incident, Shu immediately comes to see his old friend.

When Teabolo tells Shu that he has secretly been looking after the children of Zeon Zum Deikun, he realizes that the attack was in fact a scheme instigated by the Zabi family to get rid of Jimba Ral and Deikun's children. To ensure the safety of the children, and Teabolo himself, Shu decides that they need to make a show of submission to the ruthless Zabi family. He recommends that Teabolo move to the Texas Colony at Side 5, or Loum, where it will be easy for the Zabi family to monitor them.

Traveling with Shu on this occasion is his 15-year-old daughter. He introduces her to Teabolo, saying that despite her youth she excels in school, and plans to skip grades so that she can go on to college and study to become an astronaut.

This girl is Mirai Yashima, who will later become the navigator of the White Base. At the end of the One Year War, she takes the helm of the wonder ship that produces such tremendous combat results. Were it not for Mirai's dream of becoming an astronaut, which leads her to get a space cruiser license, the White Base's luck might well run out at the moment it departs Side 7.

Mirai will later encounter Sayla, the adopted daughter of her father's friend Teabolo, aboard the White Base. However, it seems she doesn't recognize the Mass family name until the revelation that Sayla is actually the sister of Char Aznable.

When Mirai encounters the young Sayla at Teabolo's tragedy-stricken residence, she glimpses the ill-fated siblings Edouard and Sayla through a high window, and is moved by deep feelings of compassion. She hopes that their future will be a peaceful one.

Then , in U.C. 0079, when the Yashima family has moved to Side 7...
Aboard the White Base, which has fled the attack of the Principality of Zeon's Zakus, the two people who met at Teabolo's residence are unaware of their fateful reunion.