Introduction to the Universal Century Ⅱ Part 4
People of the Aznable Family

U.C. 0071, Texas Colony.
One encounter changed the fates of two youths.

Side 5, or Loum, is a cluster of space colonies that moves in a semi-stable halo orbit around L1, a Lagrange point located between Earth and Moon. This is the colony cluster closest to Side 3, or Munzo, which moves in a halo orbit around L2 on the far side of the moon.

The Texas Colony located at Loum was created as a theme park during the bubble era of space colony construction, but when funding was cut off by the bursting of the bubble, it ended up being abandoned in an incomplete state. The colony was then privately purchased by Shu Yashima, CEO of the Yashima Company. The interrupted construction work resumed with the infusion of the company's ample funds, and Texas Colony was finally completed.

Texas Colony was originally a theme park in the style of North America's Western frontier era. By retaining this design concept, it achieved a unique individuality among latter-day colonies, and was able to welcome many emigrants who enjoyed this style. People wore cowboy-style clothing, raised horses, built log houses, and put up carved wooden signs. This retro style gave the residential areas a distinct flavor that was widely discussed.

A chief manager stationed in Texas Village provided concierge-like services for new emigrants. This position was filled by a man named Roger Aznable. In addition to this job, Roger and his wife Michelle also operated a family restaurant in Center Village, the urban center of Texas Colony.

As well as Roger and Michelle, the Aznable family also included one son. This young man, whose name was Char, had a lighthearted, excitable personality that contrasted with Roger's sober seriousness.

When the Zabi family changed their nation's name to the Autonomous Republic of Zeon and attempted to rally the will of the Spacenoids, they began actively spreading anti-Federation propaganda. Their demand that the wealth of the Spacenoid colonists should be reclaimed from the Earth-dwelling Earthnoids who had usurped it appealed to passionate youths like Char. The reformation advocated by Zeon Zum Deikun would mean the realization of the Newtype ideology. Many young people embraced the words of Gihren of the Zabi family, and dreamed of helping to advance his ideas.

Char, who was attending high school at Loum's central colony, fell completely under the sway of this propaganda. Learning that Zeon's space defense military academy was taking applications, he swiftly applied for entry. Beating the odds, he managed to gain acceptance for enrolment.

He was surely unaware that Deikun's own children were right in front of him...

It was shortly before Char tackled the military academy's entrance exams that he happened to meet the Mass siblings, who had just moved to Texas Colony. They had come with the wealthy Teabolo Mass, who emigrated to Texas Colony on the recommendation of its owner, Shu Yashima. Char had heard from his father that one of the siblings looked just like him, and when he came home to visit his family, Char met the young man for the first time.

"Édouard Mass."
"I'm Char Aznable!"

The blond-haired youth who greeted Char indeed looked just like him. The only difference was that Char had brown eyes, while Édouard had blue ones.

The meeting of these two identical-looking young men is to have a huge effect on the later history of the Universal Century. Had Char not resembled Édouard, the course of history itself might have changed. When Char heads for the Autonomous Republic of Zeon to enter the military academy, Édouard – also known as Casval Rem Deikun – goes with him. Édouard's secret agenda will lead to events that change both their lives forever.