Episode 4 Earth Federarion Forces

The chairman of the Earth Federation Forces' Joint Chiefs of Staff. In other words, he serves as the top of the Federation Forces' uniformed personnel, with the rank of admiral. When Dr. Minovsky defects, he dispatches Minovsky's former student Tem Ray to the lunar surface. He also supports Tem's RX-78 project and, anticipating Zeon's preparations for war, he plans and implements the relocation of Federation Forces headquarters to Jaburo.

Johann Ibrahim Revil
In U.C. 0078, Revil becomes supreme commander of the Earth Federation Space Force. The following year, as war breaks out with the Principality of Zeon, he commands the Federation fleet as an admiral. However, his flagship Ananke is destroyed in the Loum sector by the new humanoid mobile suit weapons deployed by the Zeon forces, and Revil himself is taken prisoner during this crushing defeat.

Tem Ray
Amuro's father. He is an Anaheim Electronics manager selected by Admiral Gopp as chief engineer for a new mobile weapon development project. Tem goes to the lunar surface to support the defection of his mentor Dr. Minovsky, and witnesses the first mobile suit battle in history. Impressed by the results of this battle, he pushes the RX-78 project even further.

A lieutenant Junior Grade in the Earth Federation Space Force. He is the commander of the Iron Cavalry Squadron, a team of 12 Guncannons based at the Federation Forces' Von Braun base on the lunar surface. The entire squadron is dispatched to support Dr. Minovsky's defection, but suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of Zeon's mobile suits.