Episode 4 Side 7

Amuro Ray
The son of Tem Ray, who is supervising the technical side of the Earth Federation Forces' new mobile weapon development. Leaving his mother behind on Earth, he came up to space and has been moving from one space colony to another depending on his father's work. In U.C. 0077, he and Tem move to Side 7. While his busy father is away from home, Amuro learns of the outbreak of war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation. He will later become the pilot of the mobile suit Gundam created by his father.

Fraw Bow
One of Amuro's classmates at school. Her home is also near his, and since she is concerned about Amuro, she frequently checks up on him. Fraw lives together with her mother and grandfather. She serves as a conduct monitor for her class.

Hayato Kobayashi
One of Amuro's classmates at school. Like Amuro, he will later come aboard the White Base as a refugee.

Kai Shiden
One of Amuro's classmates at school. Since he has been held back a year, he is older than the rest of the class. When he teases Fraw about her concern for Amuro, she responds by calling him a delinquent.