Episode 4 Earth
Char Aznable
(Actyally Deikun's son Casval.)

After the "Dawn Rebellion," Char descends to Earth and meets a girl named Lalah Sune who has mysterious abilities. He then returns to space, rejoins the military as a pilot of the humanoid weapon known as the mobile suit that has been developed by Zeon, and participates in history's first battle between mobile suits. Char produces unrivaled results in this battle on the lunar surface, the opening clash in the Zeon War of Independence.

Lalah Sune

A girl who has been accompanying a gambler who roams the casinos. Her mysterious abilities give her unequaled accuracy in roulette. Char rescues her when she is attacked by gangsters who are trying to seize her. Though Lalah was born in India, and she has a large family in Mumbai, she chooses to go to space with Char.